Thursday, June 22, 2006

West4th NYC

Red told me to get off on West 4th to meet up with him for lunch. With no plans in mind, I got there few minutes early to look around. The sidewalk immediately outside of the subway tunnel was lined with piercing parlors and adult toy stores. I had to go in. Its never too early to start shopping for Christmas presents. People in general were very friendly and all the pipes are labeled for tobacco only. While I was wondering in one of the shops, a gregarious store attendent approached me with the usual greetings and told me to hold out my hand to feel the water based lubricant. It sounded pretty harmless and being a nice person I am, I extended my hand to him. Next thing I know he was demonstrating six different ways to use a vibrating robber tongue on my fingers while telling me to imagine the sensation else where. And then he proceeded to show the handcuffs and the gag ball on me, at that point I was waiting for another guy to show up and carry me to some unmarked van parked behind the store. Thankfully, he unlocked me and I walked out of the store still content with my bullet.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Why do we travel, asked Elisabeth Bishop, "Is it lack of imagination that makes us come to imagined places, not just stay at home?

I used to love airports, the idea of going some place new, or coming home after a long journey. Then there were the security check points, delays, lost luggage and screaming children (well, I guess theyve always been around). I started to hate the airport. After being delayed at OHare airport for over 10 hours while coming back to Rochester after Christmas break, the only positive thing was to realize the omnipresence of Eastman colleagues. While I waited, I ran into three other Eastman students in the same terminal. Now I got my laptop and ipod handy airports are bearable again. There's free wireless and even rocking chairs in the open atrium over looking the runways. I love rocking chairs. Im waiting to board Jetblue flight #43 to NYC and I'm happy to have my Eastman shirt on today.