Monday, November 30, 2009


Out of all the US holidays I'm pretty sure my parents follow the traditions of Thanksgiving the best. They always manage to make the juiciest turkey and participate in the annual Black Friday festival. This year we joined them on the celebration and were not disappointed. We started the drive on Wednesday afternoon and arrived at Rob's parents' house just past midnight. Conveniently they have recently moved from Vegas to New Castle, just east of Indianapolis, which means we can now visit both sets of parents on one trip. Rob's mom made us a lovely brunch with pancakes, quiche and sausage links. Dinner with my folks was even more delicious than I remembered from the past. Before we could sleep off the turkey, it was time for early bird deals at Menard's. We joined hundreds of other eager shoppers at 6am hunting down deals on things we have no needs for: a nice big $8 wok and some kitchen mats. Few more stores later we spent the rest of the morning at the mall where I some much needed cloth and shoes...
Can't call myself a big fan of Indianapolis. Although mom attempts to talk me into moving there every now and then, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. The only reason for me to go is to visit my parents...well, that is until the opening of the Brazilian BBQ house, Fogo de Chao, on the corner of Pennsylvania and Washington. I've been meaning to go there for quite sometime now but never found a good opportunity since my parents are always making amazing meals at home. Luckily, all the shopping have worked up quite an appetite and with some minor arm twisting, mom finally agreed to let me take everyone to the steakhouse as an early birthday meal for Dad. The filet mignon was easily the best I've ever had in the States, rivaling the best beef in Argentina and Brazil. Most Chinese people like their meat well done. Fortunately, my parents adopted very quickly to having steaks more on the medium side during lunch. I was happy to see that everyone enjoyed the food just as much as I did. The meal wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ernie is featured on the Four Legged Friends Animal Adoption website. Despite a recent earmite infestation and stomach upset, Ernie is a little cutie.